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This is a semi-detached split-entry home with the living room, dining room, kitchen and one bedroom and partial bathroom on the upper level and the master bedroom, 3rd bedroom, full bathroom and laundry room on the lower level. 21' x 34' (1414 sq. ft.)

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Material Supplied in Semi-Detached Home Package Home Specifications
(Sections 1, 2 & 3 of Specs)-Semi-Detached Home Installation-2 Units
House Plans:
A complete set of plans, showing Foundation; Floor Layouts; Elevations; Detail, etc are supplied.

1" X 4" strapping 16' O.C. exterior 4' walls

Sill Plate:
2” x 6” wolmanized sill plate is supplied.

4' Pony Wall

2" X 6" studs 16' O.C., T & G floor sheathing.

Floor Components:
2 X 8 or 2 X 10 floor joists per plan, T & G floor sheathing.

Exterior Walls: 2” X 6” plates, single bottom, double top, 2” X 6” studs at 16” O.C. are supplied. T & G sheathing is supplied for walls and gable ends.

Interior Partitions:
2” X 4” plates, single bottom, double top, 2” X 4” studs at 16” O.C. are supplied.

Roof Framing:
Roof trusses are supplied for hip and gable roofs at 24” O.C. gable end trusses are supplied. 1" X 4" strapping is supplied for ceilings.

Roof Sheathing:
T & G sheathing is supplied for roof and gable ends.

Roof Shingles:
15# felt paper, weather shield material, 25 year asphalt shingles and roofing cement are supplied.

Exterior Doors:
Pre-hung steel entrance doors with hardware are supplied.

Single hung vinyl windows with screens are supplied. Units are equipped with sealed glass. Center of picture windows are fixed units. Front elevations are supplied with shutters and mutton bars.

Zinc flashing is supplied for all windows and exterior doors.

Vinyl siding is supplied.

Gable Trim/Soffits:
Vinyl siding and soffit, vinyl eavestrough and  downspouts are supplied.

4' concrete walls are supplied with 1.5" styrofoam insulation. 4' wood pony walls with R-24 fibreglass. Main floor walls R-24 fibreglass, ceiling R-40 cellulose, Polyethylene vapour barrier. Adhesives and tape are supplied.

Gypsum board is supplied for exterior concrete and wood frame walls, interior partitions, ceilings in finished area. Crack filling material and tapes are supplied.

Basement/Main Stairs:
2 X 10 stringers, spruce treads, pine risers are supplied

Colonial baseboard material is supplied.

Window Trim:
Colonial window trim is supplied.

Exterior Door Trim:
Colonial exterior door trim is supplied.

Inside Doors:
#800 Colonial slab doors are supplied. Colonial trim is supplied for slab type doors. #800 bi-fold doors are supplied for closet areas and where indicated on the plans. The bi-fold door openings are the modern type without trim.

Closet rods and pine shelving are supplied for all linen and clothes closets.

Underlay is supplied for application over wooden sub-floors except, SurePly® is supplied for areas where vinyl flooring will be installed.

Bathroom Accessories:
Soap and grab, toilet tissue holder, and shower bar supplied. A medicine cabinet is supplied.

Paint is supplied for all walls, interior partitions (white), ceiling area (white) and trim (white) for finished areas. Paint is supplied for trim, decks and steps. (two coats for each area).

Jute backed carpet and underlay is supplied for the living room, bedrooms and halls. Vinyl flooring is supplied for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.
Kitchen Cabinets:
Oak kitchen cabinets are supplied per plan in kitchen and vanity cabinet in bathrooms. A kitchen range hood (type without vent) is supplied.

Exterior Steps:
Materials for exterior decks and steps are supplied per plan.

Finished House Specification - Semi-Detached Homes


Installation includes excavation, backfill, 4' concrete crawl space foundation wall per plan , 6" gravel under floor, concrete finished floor ( in models with full basement), damp proofing, drain tile and gravel. (site rough graded). Excludes blasting, removal of rock or fill or the supply of fill material. Installation of concrete block separation wall.

Home Package:
Installation includes sill plate, 4' 2 X 6 pony walls. T & G sheathing, beam or bearing partition, floor joists, floor sheathing, bridging, 2 X 6 exterior wall installation, apply sheathing, placing roof trusses, T & G roof sheathing, roof shingles and accessories. installing 2 X 4 interior partitions, exterior doors and windows, vinyl siding and vinyl soffit, eavestrough and downspouts. installing insulation on 4' concrete wall and drywall exterior walls, interior partitions and ceiling areas, crack filling drywall, installing exterior door and window trim, installing underlay, interior doors, trim and hardware, closet rods and shelves and baseboard. Painting ceilings and walls and trim (2 coats white). Installing vinyl flooring, carpet and underlay, installing kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet (where applicable). installing bath and kitchen fans (range hood) bathroom accessories (shower rod, towel bar, toilet tissue holder and soap & grab).

Steps and Deck:
Installing front and rear wooden steps with patio stone bottom steps.

Electrical Heat:
Installing 200 amp service entrance, plugs, switches, kitchen range and electric dryer outlets, exterior wall outlet, fixture allowance $500.00. Installing electric heat wiring and heaters.

Installing complete plumbing system, one piece bath tub (topless), quality fixtures with a $500.00 fixture allowance. Plastic pipe supply and ABS drainage pipe & a 40 gallon hot water tank is installed.

Air Exchanger:
Installation of an air-to-air heat exchange system.

Install gravel walks and driveway (maximum 30' from lot line). Culvert, fill, gravel for culvert, removal of rock fill or brush are not included.




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